Community Outreach Position Interest Form

Project Smile SF | Community Outreach Position Interest Form

Project Smile SF is a youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to supplying under-resourced communities with free oral care supplies and potentially free/low-cost oral screening services. Visit to learn more about our efforts in bridging the gap of oral care access.

The Board of Directors is the leadership of the organization; therefore, we highly expect you to act professionally: completing tasks on time, communicating effectively, and attending all meetings/events. 

We’re seeking 1-2 new Community Outreach officers to support our upcoming events, such as our very first Symposium!

Role responsibilities include: marketing and outreach to engage community involvement, create social media posts, flyers, posters and verbal outreach.

Commitment: weekly board meetings (Saturdays at 7 pm), any organization events, fundraisers, etc.

Filling out this form will indicate your interest for a virtual interview for the position.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.